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IFB India Ltd. has become a household name for superior quality engineering products. These products are preferred mainly because it plays a crucial role in enhancing the daily living standards. Home Appliances and Kitchen Appliances are two such segments where it holds the key. Availability of numerous products in these two areas have gone a long way in enhancing the living standards of a common man. Today, it is because of the appliances that people are able to deal with their otherwise busy work schedules.

In home appliances category, there are some products that has found immense acceptance among people. Some of these products include, Washing Machine, Washer Dryer, Laundry Dryer, Front Loading Washing Machine, Top Loading Washing Machine, Washing Machine Reviews, Dishwasher Dishwasher Parts, Automatic Dishwasher, to name a few. Similarly, in kitchen appliances some of these products include items like Microwave, Microwave Oven, Grill Microwave, Convection Microwave, Solo Microwave, Hobs, Kitchen Hobs, Chimneys, Cooking Appliances, etc.

Most of these products introduced by IFB India Ltd. provides technology and innovation that is parallel to the one found in Global standards. It was in the year 1074 that IFB India Ltd. was founded in Kolkata. From being just one office in the entire country, today its network has widen to various parts of the country. That is the reason that the IFB Group Of Companies includes IFB Industries situated at Kolkata and Bangalore, IFB Automotive Pvt. Ltd. situated at Bangalore, Chennai and New Delhi, IFB Home Appliances at Goa, Autoliv IFB India Pvt. Ltd. at Bangalore, IFB Automotive R & D Centre, Bangalore, IFB Agro Industries, Kolkata.

IFB India Website

Visiting IFB India Website gives you an opportunity to have a detailed overview of the company’s profile. There is a growing tendency among consumers to refer to User Manuals whenever they buy an electronic item.

Therefore, the official website of IFB India allows you to download these manuals depending upon requirement. Presently, these manuals are available in the website for products such as Washing Machine, Micro Wave Oven, Dishwasher and Dryer. Additionally, keeping a large section of its customers use make use of their Micro Wave Oven models, there is a facility to download recipes as well.

When you visit a website, having a look at its ‘Beliefs and Policies’ will give you an opportunity to get a better idea about their Vision, Mission, Quality Policy and Environmental Policy. Similarly, going through its ‘Commitment’ section will make you familiarize with certain details that will allow you to place greater reliance on them. it is from here that you will come to know that their product is backed by an efficient team of product developers and engineers. From time to time product specifications are upgraded and reviewed which is actually based on customer feedback. The company is truly committed to give to its customers those products that can guarantee customers satisfaction simply by delivering hig quality products at some of competitive prices.

They give special emphasis on hiring those players who exhibit a strong commitment to working together to attain the ultimate objective of producing products that are viewed as the best in any market. If you are think you have this quality in you, availing of the ‘Apply Online’ option in the website will be a prudent move.

Being an ISO 9001-2000 certified company; it lays special emphasis on customer satisfaction. Therefore, the website contains essential details about its Customer Care policy. Having details of the company Dealers and Service Centres

Network is one step in this direction.

Additionally, providing high quality Products, competitive Prices and efficient after sales Service is the main priority at IFB Industries. Today, IFB commands a strong presence in Home Appliance market in India. The Products offered by it include Washing machines, Dryers, Microwave ovens, Dish washers or Industrial dishwashing solutions.

IFB India Washing Machine

Of all the products that IFB India Ltd. produces, it is Washing Machines where it enjoys a competitive edge. There are scores of models to choose from and that makes it easy for consumers to select according to their requirement. Of later, there are certain models that have found immense acceptance among its customers. These models include Digital series, Senator series, Elite series, Elena series, Executive plus, Senorita plus and Diva cold.

Started in Bangalore in 2002, a unique IFB enterprise named IFB Launderette is believed to be the first of its kind in India. This is one-stop place from entire laundry services to be found under a single roof. This way, consumers are benefited in the sense that they don’t have to run pillar to post finding laundry solutions. Availability of these services at one place means, it adds to their comfort and saves their precious time.

When it comes to quality, these services are something that scores a brownie point. Currently, they provide two most sought-after services namely laundry and ironing services. Customers are contended with the kind of quality service they get. In other words, their services are perfect return for money in terms of hygienic washing system. Realizing the hectic and busy work schedules of every individual, they also provide home pickup and delivery. Because demand for their services has skyrocketed in recent years, this is considered to be one reason why you will witness its area of operations has expanded to cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Nasik.

Contact details:
IFB Home Appliances Helpline:
1860 425 5678 - for BSNL and MTNL subscribers
3900 4321 - For other subscribers (prefix local STD code if dialling from mobile)

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