Home Theatre /Theater Systems in India

Home Theatre Systems in India are no longer treated as an item of luxury. In order to make their home a perfect one, more and more people are relying on gadgets and electronic items. Home Theatre is one ‘must-have’ item that brings pleasure for people with a penchant for music. When it comes to music, people seem to yearn for clarity and quality. These music systems give them an opportunity to experience full surround sound. Available in various models with numerous latest features, they are believed to be user friendly entertainment systems. In most cases, they are easy to set-up and use with features such as 105W 5-Channel receiver with Scene, YPAO and iPod/ Satellite radio compatibility, Five speakers, 130W Subwoofer, to name a few. There are certain brands of home theatres that are popular among its customers for their superior audio quality.

They are not only competitively priced, but also use advanced technology such as Passive subwoofer or Dolby digital.
With passage of time, life pattern of most people has witnessed a mammoth shift in it. These days, people do not prefer to go out and spend their crucial three hours in a movie theatre. Instead, they prefer to buy a swanky home theatre that should suffice their purpose. In its formative years, home theatres saw use of crude and not-so-effective technology.

Home Theater System Buying Guide

There are many who do not appear to be well informed about the aspects they must adhere before they decide to buy. For instance, one needs to know about aspects such as amplifier power ratings or broad disc compatibility. Besides these, there are other considerations that are more of subjective in nature.

The Indian market is flooded with diverse models each portraying different set of features. Therefore, it becomes very essential that you decide features that are needed by you and those that can be waived. It does not make sense paying for features or functions that you might never use. For instance, some varieties of these home theatres have a disc changer where three or more discs can be hold. At the same time, some prefer to choose single-disc players with an intention to save space. Therefore, it is suggested you should first decide degree of reliance you can place on convenience for a disc-changer.

There are some home theatre systems that come with five or six speakers. Most of these systems come with subwoofer that is considered very essential in order to get true multi-channel surround sound. With use of latest technology, decoders are integrated. This will benefit you in handling Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, and DTS playback, in a number of combinations.

Role of a receiver is very crucial in a home theatre. It is basically considered to be a central point of any home theatre. There are a number of functions performed by it because of which a user gets the true ambience. For example, it serves as an FM/AM radio tuner, helps in correctly switching a system’s video and audio components, undertakes signal processing and surrounds sound decoding.

The ease-of-use in these home theatres is determined by smoothness of its user interface. This aspect is very crucial because it is believed to be one crucial factor that can make a difference between enjoyable and frustrating experience. Since such a theatre serves as an ideal entertainment center for the entire family, this should have sufficient ease in handling for every member of the family. You should especially give importance to features like On-Screen Display (OSD), Remote Control Design, Universal and Learning Remote Controls, Macro Capability, 2-Way Remote Control or Volume Control.

Home Theater Systems Reviews

In order to make things easier for customers while choosing a specific brand, reviews and ratings are regularly done by consumers across the globe. These reviews eventually help these consumers to make comparison of various products of leading brands.

When it comes to opting for an entertainment system for your house, selecting one after going through home theatre systems reviews is the best approach. It gives you a glimpse to choose from available home theatres in the market. Appraisals of these home entertainment combos are done religiously normally annually so that consumers get sufficient information. Generally each brand of home theatre undertakes this review system. This in turn helps consumers to decide which model or brand they want to buy in the future.

Popular brands that can be found in Indian market includes brands such as Bose, Sony , Panasonic , Onkyo , Philips , Samsung , Pioneer , Typhoon , Infinity , JBL, Denon and Toshiba.

Samsung has come out with a model HT-C6730 that gives you a total viewing experience. It is the perfect model to bring your senses straight to life. It is with help of this model’s capabilities, that will give you a never-before experience. With its feature of InternetTV, it brings your favorite web content live to your TV screen. Samsung’s model gives you incredible picture quality of Blue-Ray.

Sony’s model BDV-IT1000ES has a super slim design. Additionally, it gives you a privilege to avail wider dispersion characteristics. These characteristics are totally different from traditional front radiating speakers. Sony feels these are suitable for family theatre use because unlike direct radiating speakers, they are not required to be towed-in.

Onkyo HT-S3300 has three 1080p capable HDMI inputs. This in turn supports for Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, 3D video and Audio Return Channel , DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio Decoding and DTS-HD Master Audio. Additionally, it has 4 DSP Gaming Modes namely, Sports, Action, Rock, and Role Playing

The noteworthy feature in home theatre is the use of the latest technology called Home theatre system in box (HTIB) . In order to provide wireless connections to all the rear speakers, it uses Bluetooth technology. The significant role played by HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) Home theatre systems is the sole reason why transfer of huge amount of audio video data is possible today. It is because of this feature that consumers are able to derive unmatched quality in vision and sound.

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