Godrej Refrigerators – Prices and Performance

The Godrej Group of Companies is one of the leading names among the manufacturers of electronic goods and appliances to heavy machinery for industrial uses and a variety of consumer items like furniture and home lifestyle items. This conglomerate of companies is one of the leading names of Indian companies that have sustained an authoritative popularity among buyers and users.

The company was established in 1897 in Mumbai by Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Godrej. The following are the major areas of the company’s endeavors.

Real Estate Development

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Electronic and Home Appliances

  • Security

  • Furniture

  • Agro Products

These are some of the major areas in which the company has made progress and left a successful change. There are particular products of the company that have enjoyed particular popularity among the users of the Indian market. Consumers have trusted the brand for several decades of its existence and continue to show its preference in the same way.

Godrej Refrigerator

Among its major areas of industries Godrej has made an intensive foray in the sphere of home appliances and electronic goods. And among all the products one of the major success stories remains the Godrej Refrigerator. This product was launched in the year 1958 when it was the first of its kind to be manufactured in the country. It was made and designed with the best engineering and technological standards that delivered the highest performance to the consumers. This is also one of the reasons that Godrej Refrigerators has sustained in its popularity and consistent sales figures through the years of its manufacture. Over the years there have been several innovations in design and technology of the refrigerator. These have been incorporated over the years for better performance and services.

Since 1989 there have been a steady and consistent process of changes that were incorporated within the design and engineering of the Godrej refrigerator.

Here are some of the major changes that have taken place.

  • Introduction of the PUF or Polyurethane Foam

  • Inclusion of the colored doors

  • Introduction of vinyl draping in the design and

  • refrigeration units free of CFC

  • 5 side cooling with Godrej Pentacool range

  • Penta Fresh technology introduced in Godrej refrigerators

The latest addition to Godrej refrigerators have been the inclusion of the EON range. This is a technologically advanced system that provides better cooling and durable quality performance. There are several size availability in these that are also available. the EON range of Godrej refrigerators are frost free models that are also stylized in an innovative manner to accommodate different kind of products for storage. There is also the Godrej Axis Direct Cool Refrigerators that have been included among the available ranges. Under each of these two categories there are different models of the refrigerators that are made according to different size capacity. The design and the technology used are also different.

Godrej Frost Free Refrigerators

The Frost Free range of refrigerators from Godrej comes in two ranges. There is the EON range and the Pentacool range. One of the main advantages that a frost free refrigerator provides you is the absence of ice formation within the unit. No more do these forms frozen chunks that you need to defrost and clean.

The EON range of refrigerators is very popular because it is made with latest technological inputs for better cooling and lower electricity costs. Additionally the cooling is uniformly available which keeps all the products fresh. There are models that have 330 liter capacity that varies down to 230 liter capacity.

The frost free Pentacool range on the other hand has a single model which has a double door and a capacity of 197 liters.

Godrej Direct Cool Refrigerators

This is a range that has several models of design and capacity under it.

  • Edge – There are several models available in this design. The variations start from a capacity of 221 liters and goes till 183 liters.

  • Pentacool V5/V2 – This range comprises of 3 models that vary in their capacity. It starts with 204 liters and another design with 181 liters.

  • Axis – All designs in this range come with a capacity of 181 liters. There are design variations that can be found but the basic capacity is the same.

  • Neo – This range has three design variations and is all with a capacity of 173 liters. There are plenty of color options that will be yours to choose from.

  • Cold Gold Deluxe – There is a single deluxe design in this range that has a 303 liter capacity with a single door. There is an innovative design of planning and arrangement for convenient storage.

  • GDC 110 S – This is a unique 99 liters capacity refrigerator from Godrej. It is ideal for various personal uses and small requirements of storage.

These are all facilitated with state of the art design in different capacities that will enable sufficient stock to be kept. There is an advanced technology included in the design of the compressor that promises durability with uniform cooling for all seasons. They are all available with the Godrej promise of quality in both external styles and the internal designs. For decades Godrej refrigerators have been instrumental in maintaining a high standard of domestic performance.

Prices of Godrej Refrigerators in India

There are different price ranges that are affixed to the different models and size capacities of the refrigerators. Prices are often governed by the availability of features like frost free technology and humidity control. There are other features like thick insulation and an uniform cooling system for all areas of the machine that also determine the prices.

However Godrej refrigerators come with a wide range thus facilitating affordability. The smallest model is available at a range of Rs. 7000/ approximately. There are high capacity units that are available for a range of Rs. 13,500/ as in Godrej Axis range. The Godrej Eon refrigerator price ranges from Rs. 22000/ to Rs. 32000/.

Godrej refrigerators also come to you with warranty and full replacement offers on their compressors and other spare parts for any defects or malfunctions within a certain period. There is well developed network of service centers with a quick customer care response.

For all further information and details you can log on to www.godrejlifespace.com

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