BPL India Ltd Products

When you think of any electronics products, the first name that comes to your mind is BPL. BPL India is a renowned brand in the field of electronic items. The products and services of this company have satisfied 18 million customers and the number is growing every day. The company was first incorporated in the year 1963 and emerged as one of the fastest growing private limited company. The name that the company carried that time was British Physical Laboratories India which later popularized as BPL India Ltd. This concern started its journey with only one product and that was high precision hermetically sealed panel meters that are used in defense applications.

Since then, the company has seen numerous ups and downs and thrives well with all the quality products and services. It was once the leader in home appliances such as audio system, television, LCD TV, refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners. The company has also other items such as batteries, data cards, display devices, EPABX and many more to make all the users happy customers. The company made strong tie up with the Japanese company Sanyo and introduced wide range of television sets with top quality sound and picture tube. With strong commitment to quality and consistency, the company has satisfied millions of customers with unmatched standards of services. BPL India Ltd. is often regarded as the benchmark in the new age technology, great quality, mind blowing digital concepts and personalized customer services. The company has shown loyalty to each of the customers who have tried the products of BPL India.

The company also operates subsidiaries under the name of BPL Securities, Bharat Energy Ventures and BPL Display Devices.

The company has a strong hold over the market with many customers and has a network of more than 7000 channel partners.

BPL India Products

The company is well known for the quality products in the field of electronics. Few of the products are mentioned below:

  • Landline Phones

  • Mobile Phones

  • Batteries

  • Home Theatre

  • Televisions

  • UPS System

  • Gas Oven

  • Gas Table

  • Cooking Hubs

  • Medical Devices such as patient monitoring systems, imaging, nebulizers, oxygen manufacturing machines and welch allyn range.

  • Digital Watches

  • Convex Voice Processing Device

  • Energy Communication Equipment

  • Washing Machines

There are many other products that are available in the market, produced and marketed by the company. The company has launched many products after making collaboration with international concerns such as Toshiba, Sanyo, Octel, Media One and Nokia. The number of employees who are involved with the company, directly or indirectly are uncountable. The employee strength of the company is more than 14,000 people and number is expected to rise up with the growth of the concern.

BPL India Ltd. has dealers in almost all major cities and metropolitans in India. You can visit any of the dealers’ office and try to get some of the quality products. You can get all the necessary information about the company profile, the products, the services and the list of competitors from the website of the company. The company’s Research & Development facility is constantly working to develop new products so that it can cater to all domestic and intercontinental consumers. The annual growth of the company is more than 16% in numbers. The people of India consider this company as the leader in consumer products. Today, the company and its partners are facing immense competition from both local and international companies that manufacture and market same type of electronic items. Trust and satisfaction here plays important part to retain most of the consumers. The management is doing all to motivate the employees who are also returning the company some valuable and innovative ideas to produce new products. Most of the staffs are highly motivated and well trained. They are attentive and have a good sense of customer satisfaction.

BPL Company Overview

Date of Establishment – 1963

Revenue – 18.5378 USD in millions

Corporate Address – BPL Ltd, 11th KM, Arakere,

Bannerghatta Road,

Bengaluru – 560076.

Karnataka, India

Website – www.bplworld.com / www.bpl.in

Chairperson and MD – Ajit G. Nambiar

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