Delhi Property Tax

Delhi Property Tax system has undergone major changes with the efforts of Municipal Corporation Delhi (MCD). The capital of India has maximum number of jobs pertaining to all the strata's of society. Owing to this each day Delhi welcomes thousands of people. The number of taxpayers has gone around 75,000 in Delhi. Without the streamline work of local taxing bodies the collection of property tax in Delhi will really be a messy wok. To smoothen the whole process MCD has made Property Tax Information System (MCD-PTIS), which is an online effort to fill your property tax return form, calculating your property tax for the present year. It also assists you in making an online payment of the property tax. Even in the website Delhi property tax forms are also available, which can be filled online and submitted. The MCD has even shifted to the Unit Area System of property Tax Assessment, which is based on fixing a unit area value per sq meter of covered space. Property tax is a major source of Income for Municipal Corporation Delhi.

By making property tax an online service they have really done a commendable job. It also gives full information on property tax due dates. Property tax is applicable to all the properties both real and personal. But few lands are exempted from paying tax by MCD.

These are: any vacant land exclusively used for agriculture purposes, any vacant land in village Abadi, land used for public workshop, land used for public charity, burial grounds, heritage land or building. Delhi Property tax will further get boost owing to MCD's decision of making 'Lok Adalats' to settle property tax disputes pending in courts. It will also encourage people to settle their dues. So the procedure of property tax in Delhi is getting new shapes. Soon the Property tax rates in Delhi will be revised owing to the lessen collection of tax. With the compulsion of paying property tax many companies are getting interested in this field. Many property tax consultants have come up in Delhi in recent years. They are expertise and fully professional in giving information on tax pertaining to property.

They can further help you by calculating the tax amount thus reducing your burden further. For the appeal against assessment a Municipal Taxation Tribunal in Delhi has been constituted that takes up cases pending before the Court of District Judge at the request of applicant. More over if your property taxes are over dues there is availability of property tax loans, which can be given back in easy installments. Property tax loans are easy way to tackle the monetary matter, which at time can cause hell lot of burden. So now the Property Tax in Delhi is becoming smoother with each passing year, which in turn will help in the development of the capital.

To get more information regarding Property tax forms and queries related to Property tax in Delhi check the official website of Municipal Corporation Delhi.


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