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The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has started the facility of online tax payment for the residents of the city. This has helped in making the tax payment procedure more convenient as people needn’t have to stand and wait in long queues for hours. The software which is used to undergo the payment of property tax through online method was made effective from the first day of April, 2007. The software is extremely easy to operate. This is available through the website of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. One needs to simply enter the website and operate the software to pay the tax through online. In case of any confusion and discrepancies, one can click the guidelines on tax payment that is available within the website. The guide is available under the tag of “notices” in the home page.

The Property Tax is considered to be the major source of revenue generation for all the local urban and municipal bodies. This revenue is generated in order to upgrade the basic service and amenities within the society and the locality. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay tax on a regular basis and never try to run from it. But, such is not the case in India. There a whole lot of people who try to run out from paying taxes. This also happens due to the inefficiency of the administrative professionals as well the wrong information supplied to the recipients.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has taken up the approach of UNIT AREA SYSTEM tax payable policy. This has helped in making the work much easier and convenient. This is a web portal which has been taken up by the MCD in partnership with ECIL-SARK India Ltd.

Let us have a look at some of the salient features of this portal system:

  • Easy to understand tax application form along with the provision of effective help guidance both online as well offline.

  • With the introduction of online tax filling form, the lengthy procedure has shortened up by a rapid scale. Now, it takes around five minutes to fill up the entire form.

  • The complete calculation of property tax along with calculation details is highlighted.

  • The property Tax Challan is generated online and can be easily printed.

  • Arrears of tax property and penalties are monitored thoroughly and keep on updating.

  • The interest amounts associated with late payment of fees are calculated dynamically and with utmost authenticity.

  • Automatic generation of rebates during the time of PTR filling and generation of Challan.

  • Availability of integrated payment facilities

  • Payment can be done through credit card, normal cash, ITZ cash, Cheque and even demand draft at all the bank counters and CSB centers.

  • Demand Drafts & Cheques need to be drawn in favor of “Municipal Corporation of Delhi”.

  • Strong monitoring of dishonored Cheques and payment procedures.

  • Facility of transferring the manually filled PTR into e-type.

  • Strict monitoring of all the tax related policies like rebate and discount schemes, tax types, values per unit area, rates of tax property according to area, colony mastering, etc.

  • Complete MIS report is generated and is provided to the users.

The implementation of this web portal has certain advantages for both the tax payers as well the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The MCD pays the tax on or before the 31st of March every year. The people have the privilege to pay the tax through the online medium also. Being a faster medium, a lot of people prefer this medium in order to pay their taxes. The online way of paying tax has been introduced recently which have made the procedure faster and easier. Earlier, it was manual filling up of form which took hours to get completed. Then even after manual filling procedure, there is the gruesome task of standing in the long queues and waiting for your turn for deposition of form and required money. However, things have changed drastically with the introduction of MCD tax filling online procedure. Here not only the filling up of form happens, but payment procedure also takes place. Payment can be done through the help of credit/debit cards or even through bank DD. The DD needs to be done form the bank and then the DD number along with date needs to be mentioned in the application form payment section. Never worry, as everything will happen according to instruction. You will not face up with any sort of difficulty while undergoing the process. If you are paying off a big amount of tax in the first quarter of the calendar year, then you will be getting the benefit to avail a fifteen percent discount on the overall tax amount. The credit card services that are mostly preferred to undergo online payment of taxes are State Bank of India credit cards and Axis Bank credit cards.

While filling up the online tax form, you will need to mention your name, contact address and telephone in the most proper way. The other information will be through the drop down box selection procedure. In the application form home page, you will find a lot of drop down boxes are present. These ones need to be operated for the right sort of information filling. You need to select the most appropriate option available through the drop down box while you click them. While you put the details of your property area for which you will be paying the taxes, the calculation is done automatically. And remember, this saves a lot of time as the user is not required to undergo the long and cumbersome calculating procedure. The chance of causing errors is also minimal. In case you have some sort of discrepancies, then you can undergo manual calculation procedure. But, the chance of error through the online calculation device is normally nil and therefore you need not have to undergo the lengthy manual procedures. This saves a lot of time and effort and the work is completed in a much quicker and easier way.

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