NDMC - New Delhi Municipal Committee/ Council

The NDMC Delhi saw its first traces in the Imperial Delhi Committee that was established on 25th March 1913. Then came the Raisina Committee that introduced tax on buildings since 9th Sept 1925 to generate revenue for the functioning of the Committee. On 16th March 1927, the name New Delhi Municipal Committee or NDMC was officially designated to the committee. The supervisory powers on all services and civic activities in New Delhi including buildings, roads, sewers, medical and public health arrangements. Electricity and water supply were also made a part of NDMC service portfolio in 1932.

The NDMC - New Delhi Municipal Council regulates and superintends all matters pertaining to taxations, budgeting, revenue, accounts, contracts, audits, sanitation and public health, streets and public safety, etc. The overall governance of NCT of Delhi as determined by the Govt of Delhi is distributed among three local bodies:

  • MCD - Municipal Corporation of Delhi

  • NDMC - New Delhi Municipal Council

  • Cantonment Board

Nearly 94% of the total area of National Capital Territory comes under the jurisdiction of the MCD Delhi where the land is owned by DDA or MCD. Around 3% area belongs to NDMC Delhi with the ownership lying wholly with the Government of India. Private ownership of buildings in the NDMC area of Delhi is almost marginal with almost 80% buildings belonging to GoI. This territory collectively is described as Lutyen's Delhi and belongs to the Central Authority in Union of India.

All important buildings including Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament House, Supreme Court, Central Vista, North, South Blocks, and all Diplomatic Missions fall in the NDMC Delhi region. Effective functioning of all municipal services is the responsibility of the NDMC. House Tax for the buildings in and around these areas is accounted and collected by the NDMC Delhi.

Besides this, the commendable works of the New Delhi Municipal Council include:

  • Construction and maintenance of local mini markets in various housing colonies at Malcha Marg, Kautilya Marg, Lodhi Road, Jor Bagh, Chanakya Puri, Udyan Marg, Baird Lane, Raisina Road, Janpath etc.

  • Setting up of new educational institutions and timely renovations in various NDMC Schools at Mandir Marg, Laxmi Bai Nagar, Pandara Road, etc.

  • Setting up various NDMC operated Dispensaries, Clinics and Hospitals in areas like Kitchner Road, Moti Bagh, Bapu Road, Baird Lane, Kidwai Nagar, Netaji Nagar, Gold Link etc.

  • Construction and maintenance of roads, footpaths, road signages, parking lots in the entire NDMC Delhi area.

  • Providing various health care centers, NDMC Swimming Pool, gymnasiums, recreation centers for senior citizens, electric sub stations, NDMC Barat Ghar (community centre), multipurpose halls etc. for the Public Utility.

In addition to these the NDMC website has taken various registrations, applications, and the NDMC House tax forms online. NDMC.gov.in provides you download facility for various application forms catering to admissions to various NDMC Navyug Schools, registration for Birth certificates, death certificates, application forms for new or additional electric supply, application forms for special services from the civil engineering deptt, application forms relating various property and estate matters, or for sanctions or revalidation of building layout plans.

Website: http://www.ndmc.gov.in/index800.aspx

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