Delhi Govt

Delhi Govt presided by the Lt. Governor of Delhi with the Chief Minister and the respective Cabinet of Ministers as the acting hands. The Delhi assembly that is constituted of MPs and MLAs is the main decision making body for all the policies related to everyday working or long term benefit of the people of Delhi state in general. They collectively comprise the functioning team of Govt of Delhi.

The Delhi Govt. Services Deptt undertakes services ranging from various approving certifications, licensing, property tax and house tax collections, VAT and sales tax collections, supervision of DDA housing schemes in Delhi , health and education, birth registrations and issuance of birth certificates, marriage registrations, vehicle registrations, monitoring election and voting related issues and undertaking various infrastructure projects like Delhi Metro, PWD flyover, freeways projects, etc. and regulating the proper functioning of various local bodies like MCD Delhi , NDMC and autonomous bodies like Delhi Jal Board, DSIDC, DTTDC etc.

Adequate water supply is the responsibility of the Delhi Govt that includes formulation of appropriate policies in close coordination with the neighboring state governments to get adequate and timely water supply.

DDA is the prime authority that looks after housing needs of the NCT of Delhi. The role played by Delhi Govt. is that it carefully analyzes and monitors any DDA housing scheme. Several Slum and JJ clusters have also been alloted to the Economically Weaker Sections of the society by the Delhi Govt.

Managing the city traffic and controlling the various transport departments comes under the jurisdiction of the Delhi Govt. various DTC bus terminals, depots, ISBTs have been established to provide the necessary infrastructure to the Delhi Transport zone.

The education dept that is the main governing body for all education related activities in Delhi is a special service deptt of the Delhi Govt. It is dedicatedly working towards improving the education base of Delhi by setting up various educational institutions like schools, colleges and various special training and learning centers across the city.

Along with this, various social welfare and nutrition programs are undertaken by the Government of Delhi with open invitations to anyone who wants to volunteer.

The Delhi Govt health schemes are adopted at mass that cater to the medical needs of the city with establishment and management of various govt hospitals, charitable and govt dispensaries and duty free medicine shops to make health care available to as many as possible.

The issues related to employment, welfare of SC/ ST, Public Distribution system, and sectoral composition of state income are also handled by the Delhi Govt. Besides all this, accounting of population projection, immigrations, birth rates, death rates, infant mortality rates and literacy rates in Delhi is also a part of the various responsibilities resting with the Govt. of Delhi.

The mammoth task of collection and keeping a record of various Property Tax, House Tax and Sales Tax, VAT has been bestowed upon the Delhi Govt. recently the Delhi government website has incorporated online tax payment gateways that cater to the payment systems for various taxes in Delhi.

To Know more about Delhi Government or to get an update on the current policies and projects on hand for the Govt. of Delhi, recommends a close follow up of the Delhi Govt website. Delhi also provides info on the centralized forms, acts or rules memos catering to various departments of the Govt. of NCT of Delhi, press notices issued to various publishers and printers and also the Delhi Govt tender notices.


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