Corporation Bank Internet Banking

Corporation Bank is considered as one of the most recognizable financial institutions of the country. This public-sector banking organization has recently launched the net banking facility for all its corporate customers. This has been launched in order to let its customers avail the facility of cash management services without reaching out to the bank outlets physically. The services can be availed while being at the convenience of the home or other residential place. The launching of net banking service was held on the 1st of January 2001 by the chairman of M & M ltd in Mumbai.

If you speak about cash management services, then the corporation bank has a good reputation throughout the country. The bank has around 10 super-specialty fully automated cash & payment service branches that are serviced by approximately nine hundred companies.

There is the FCS, which is considered as a premier products of this bank. Through this service, collection and transaction of monetary funds is achieved from one hundred and thirty five cities and towns from all over India. The introduction of internet banking has helped in drastically reducing the time and effort involved in transferring of the funds. This has helped in a major way for all its customers related to less interest cost, no hassles relating to reconciliation, and major improvement in liquidity. The data accessibility has become much more convenient and also faster if compared to the manual services with the introduction of internet banking facility.

Proper planning of cash deployment can be done through the help of internet banking. Downloading of data in various formats can be achieved which is a great beneficiary for the corporate clients while trying to resolve their MIS needs and purpose. Affording of aggregates of data for several divisions of company level is also done through the internet banking system.

The internet banking system of corporation bank is known by the name of CorpNet. IT was launched in order to let the customers enjoy easy payment cum collection services (CAPS). All the branches of the bank that are computer operated will have this facility to avail.

As the banking sector is considered as one of the most advanced level of IT sectors in the entire world, therefore the advent of CorpNet has benefitted the customers as well the bank officials by a greater extent. The advantage of CorpNet is that it is totally a secured banking system that can be accessed online. It helps in providing much convenience to the customers in using this service. Those who avail this facility can access it anywhere from the world. Not only is this service provides convenient information related to account but also this is a cost effective service.

The various facilities offered by CorpNet includes transferring of funds, current account status, balance related information, and several other banking services to let the users enjoy them. The option to print or save the report is also available with the net banking facility of Corporation Bank.

Corporation Bank CorpNet

The CorpNet is mainly an application which is totally browser based. Any of the internet browsers can be used to access it. In order to use this application, a minimal knowledge of the internet and computer is sufficient. You may be placed in any part of the world, but that will not prevent you from accessing the application. And more importantly, you can access the application anytime during a 24 hr. span. It is always preferred to use the Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher from Microsoft or Netscape Navigator version 4.0 & higher. While using the CorpNet application, the help and guidance is provided on the menu listings available in each of the screens. User can use them anytime they want for some quick guidance.

The user will not find it difficult enough to undergo switching from any particular module to another due to the wide array of available options in the screen. Not only this but visiting any other module while surfing a particular one can be done without any difficulty.

While defining the CorpNet, we can easily split it into 3 different segments: Corporate, CAPS, and Retail.
The Corporate segment is ideal for the corporate-clients who will have strong hierarchy in the user level. The CAPS segment is specially used for those clients who will undergo services of cash management. The Retail segment is only for those users who have single user account with the bank.

In order to accessing CorpNet form your home, you need to have a computer with a minimum of 32 megabytes of RAM and an active internet connection with IE 5.0 or higher/Netscape Navigator 4.0 or higher.

In order to enjoy the CorpNet facility, one needs to undergo registration procedure. Only those who have account with the Corporation Bank are entitled to avail this service. The account needs to apply for the CorpNet service through the application form available from the Bank branches. However, it is to be noted that the branch where the user is having his/her account need to apply for CorpNet service only through that branch only. Only after proper filling up of the application form and submitting it to the branch authority will the service accessibility be given to the user. The user id along with the password to access the account will be generated and will be given to the user within a short period of time. After that, the user can access all the features of the CorpNet with extreme ease.

CorpNet Features

  • Ease of banking through your own convenient place, even from your home

  • No limitation of time or area from where you are accessing

  • The facility of accessing the entire account details through the secure online connection

  • The facility to download all the necessary reports and information into your personal computer

  • Extremely secure and fast paced banking

  • Transferring of funds take place in the shortest time possible

  • Request can be made to issue a new Cheque book

  • Payment of LIC and BSNL bills

  • Message alerts when the premium is due

Due to these numerous facilities, the internet banking facility of Corporation bank has faced up with a lot of positive reviews from all over the country.

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