Kamala Group

Kamala group’s strong foundation in the construction industry is a collective outcome of the quality they have delivered in comfort and luxury standards since 1969. The group’s prime forte is in development of locations close to centre, chosen with enormous care to strike balances between functionality and lavishness. This property developer in India is renowned for the creation of apartment buildings for sale that meet the standards set internationally – be it the quality of the constructions or the provision of state of the art amenities defining a modern, urban life. The focus always stays on individual requirements; hence, playgrounds and schools easily make into what would otherwise seem a strictly business atmosphere. So at the end, it is trust and happiness that cement the relationship with the consumers spreading across generations and brick and mortar finds easily a way into the souls. Rekindling hopes for palatial abodes in the country for NRI-s as well, Kamala group recent ventures speak of an experience untold so far in the country. No wonder the property developer in India stands apart from the rest of the builders in India.

Kamala Group just completed the half-a-century mark and in celebration is being raised the Rock-N-Roll shopping and multiplex mall (Mapusa, North Goa) with the sole aim to project Kamala Group’s premier position among the rest of the builders in India. The deadline was set for February 2010 but the speedy completion rates of the company tied up all the loose strings much before that. That’s extreme professionalism, a much-needed aspect to anyone willing to excel and stay that way forever.

That added significantly to the total area the group covered till now; track records show the constructional sites adding up to above 20 million sq. ft for apartment buildings for sale, commercial buildings for lease and industrial sites. Another 10 million sq. ft are to be covered in the near future and most of them are centered on Mumbai, Lucknow and Pune. Besides, Kamala group’s venture in developing special economic zones, renewable energy and power sectors, textiles, electronic goods and lifestyle also require a special mention.

Among Kamala Group’s joint ventures, the tie-up with MPPL Renewable Energy Private Ltd. (Bangalore) has been regarded as a trendsetting move from global perspectives; the venture is expected to float a special purpose renewable energy SEZ in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu under the name of Future Energy Zone Private Ltd. backed by TEDA (Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency), which will be the nodal organization and fulfill the responsibilities by facilitating the project’s implementation, thereby bringing up 15,000 employments, among which, 5000 will be directly into manufacturing and research and development.

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