Rohan Builders and Developers

Established in 1993, Rohan Builders in going strong in the booming business of real estate. It has own a major industry word every year since it started. Its team of highly qualified and talented professionals made this possible by their strong team work, dedication and sheer hard work. The company strives to set a high standard of safety for both the employers and for environment. And they try to do so through detailed planning, meticulous execution and optimum technological support.

Rohan Builders promises high quality construction and customer’s satisfaction is their main aim.

Here is a discussion about various projects of Rohan Builders.

Plus Homes-

Smart utilization of space, perfect ventilation, lively light and utmost privacy these are the four key features of Plus homes.

Ongoing Projects:

  • 1) Rohan Ishan, 2) Rohan Mithila, 3) Rohan Ishita, 4) Rohan Leher, 5) Rohan Jharoka 6) Rohan Mihira

Completed Projects:

  • 1) Rohan Garima, 2) 1 Modibaug, 3) 10 Kasturkunj 4) Rohan Madhuban, 5) Rohan Nilay, 6) Rohan Tapovan, 7) Rohan Aasman, 8) Rohan Seher, 9) Rohan Vasantha, 10) Rohan Ashima, 11) Rohan Tarang.

Launching Projects:

Rohan Garima Phase II- This project is going to be launched on September 2010.

Upcoming Projects:

  • 1) Rohan Ishan, 2) Rohan Leher Phase II, 3) Rohan Seher Phase II, 4) Rohan Jharoka Phase III, 5) Rohan Tarang Phase II, 6) Rohan Madhuban Phase II.

Industrial Projects:

Its prestigious client list includes like Bajaj, Colgate, Tata BlueScope Steel, Toyota, Nestle, Pepsico, Mahindra and other big names.

  • Ongoing Projects:
    1) Saint Gobian Glass India, 2) Nestle India, 3) OMPL, 4) NIPRO, 5) Cadbury India, 6) Vilasrao Deshmukh Foundation, 7) Ashok Layland, 8) Indian Oil Corporation, 9) MRF India and others.

  • Completed Projects:
    The company has successfully completed various projects in different industrial sectors like oil and chemical industries; automotive, foundry and forging units; food and beverage industry; health, hospitality and institutional buildings; water and waste treatment plants, warehouse and other industries.
    Rohan Builders strictly follows safety measures in the construction of civil engineering projects. Certain rules and procedures are strictly followed at construction site by the company.

  • Infrastructure:

The company plays a lead role in constructing, maintaining and managing infrastructure projects.

Highways- 1)Balachour-Dasua Road, Punjab; Patiala-patran Road, Punjab; Kiratpur-una Road, Punjab; Dakha-Rajkot-Barnala Road, Punjab; Ropar-Phagwara Road; Hanumangarh Suratgarh Road, Rajasthan; Ahmednagar-Taklikaji Bhoom Road, Maharashtra; Ahmednagar Asthi Jamkhed Bhoom Pardi Road, Maharashtra.

Bridges and Tunnels- Rohan Builders have made several bridges and tunnels successfully.
Public Transport-1) Amritsar Bus Terminal, Punjab.

The company has spread its wings in other businesses like Agriculture, IT, Logistics and Renewable Energies. Over the years it has successfully established its reputation as a strong, multifaceted, multi-disciplinary and vibrant company.

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