Axis Bank Customer Care Numbers

In April 2007 there was a change in the name of the bank that was to become Axis Bank. The bank soon became popular on account of its services and the launch of different facilities that it provided. There was an extensive network of branches that were also opened in different parts of the country. The registered office of the bank was at Ahmedabad and the central office in Mumbai. Alongside there was approximately 1281 branches that had been opened in several parts of the country. This number has grown since then owing to the demand for more branches and the increase of accountholders.

Another important area of work for Axis Bank is agricultural and rural banking. There are various types of banking products like loans and other facilities that are especially useful for those who are attached in the sphere of cultivation and farming.

Axis Bank Customer Care

One of the most innovative segments of modern banking is that of customer care. This is a branch of modern day banks that cater to individual customer complaints and enquiries and even offer them effective answers and solutions.

Axis Bank has a customer care service that has worked wonders with its public relations. With this the bank has been able to reach out to thousands of its users and still others that are interested to know more about its products and services. There is continuous flow of information that is available here. The Axis Bank customer care is a round the clock facility which stands for a 24X7 availability of services. There are teams of dedicated and sincere professionals at work whose constant endeavor is to provide accurate and appropriate information to the clients and patrons of the bank.

There is a fast paced development and commercialization of the banking sector. Not only has this brought about greater competition among banks of different names but has also brought for the innovative offers of various products and services. There is also a wide range of products and modern facilities or services that is offered by Axis Bank for its customers. There are also individual set of terms and conditions or even rules and regulations that are attached with each one of these. The customers need to be aware of all of them and the bank too needs a source from where they can be available for any kind of information. This has to be a constant process.

The availability of modern products will also bring enquiries about them both from existing customers and from those who are new to Axis Bank. Then there are those who are already using several products of the bank and have questions or even complaints regarding services rendered. One of the main aims of modern banking is to be able to attend to customer complaints at the earliest and offer appropriate solutions to eradicate the issue completely and only have a satisfied customer.

There are customer care numbers and offices that have been established across the country in every city, town and village regions. These are available with local numbers that allows you to make low cost phone calls and get your queries and problems answered at the earliest. There is also a toll free all India number available from the bank. This is a number that does not charge you anything irrespective where you are calling from. And it provides all the necessary information that you may be looking for.

Here are the customer care service numbers in some of the major cities in India.

  • New Delhi - 23736555

  • Mumbai - 25260501

  • Kolkata - 22839971

  • Chennai - 28123888

  • Bangalore – 25317830

  • Ahmedabad - 26563232

  • Hyderabad - 23418888

  • Chandigarh - 2620489

  • Patna - 2205810

  • Gurgaon – 2309447

Axis Bank Customer Care Email Id

You can also drop a mail at the axis bank customer care email ids incase you are unsatisfied with their services and seek immediate response to your problems and issues.

Axis Bank has dedicated mail ids for difficult consumer complaints. These are -

1. For mobile and phone banking related issues -

2. For NRI customers -

3. For investor relations -

Axis Bank Phonebanking

This is an area of service that constitutes an important aspect of the bank. There are several services by which you can find the available balance of your account to requesting for a cheque book. There are information details that you can seek about products and services or even ask for an executive to visit you regarding further explanation. Here you can also report quickly the loss of card or pin numbers and any other important document from the bank. There will be immediate action taken to stop unauthorized transactions and payments. The ATM card pin generation request can also be made from here. It initiates a quick process.

There is also a section that takes care of the credit card enquiries and complaints. If you are a credit card holder with Axis Bank you can call their card service division for information of your credit limit balance and payment related enquiries. You can also report the loss of card and immediately block transactions of the same in case of emergency. There is also a quick generation of the credit card pin number available through this service. The axis bank phone banking number is 1-800-233-5577.

You can call on the toll free number for all further information: 1860 425 8888

Axis Bank Website

here is a well designed website that is available for the convenience and information of customers. You can locate all information like the nearest bank and the branch to even the ATM locator in your neighborhood. There is a complete list provided with address and location details.

You can also see through the details of various products and services along with account opening options with the bank. In case of need feel free to email or contact the executives on Live Chat services available there itself. Your mails will be replied and attended at the earliest.

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