Axis Bank

Although there are many banks but Axis bank is one of the best banks in the private sector in India. Earlier it was known as “UTI Bank”. There are various features that are offered by this bank but it has always been famous for the loans it offers and the low interest rates offered by the bank. So if you have any queries related to the interest rates and any other services offered by the bank, you need to check its website. Also you can contact the customer representatives if necessary.

So are you planning to gift your family members some precious gifts or are planning to go for a vacation with your near and dear ones. You need not worry about all such things now as all you need to do is take a personal loan from the bank and fulfil all your needs. Some people think that acquiring a loan is a very difficult task but with some banks it is not such a difficult task. You can take loans up to 20 lacs with Axis Bank and also the repayment period is very big which ranges from 12 to over 60 months. And the best part about such loans is that you only need to provide a guarantee for the loan which means that it requires minimum documents and legalities. Thus acquiring a loan is not such a difficult task as it is considered to be.

If you wish to take an Axis Bank home loan there are two kinds of interest rates which are there – floating rates and fixed rates. If you take a loan on a fixed rate basis the interest rate will be fixed irrespective of the loan amount. The fixed rate for banks is usually 14%.

And if you take the loan on floating rate basis, the interest rate tends to change with respect to the loan amount and some other changes. You can check the latest interest rates on the website of the bank where it is mentioned with all the necessary details.

The floating rates have been fixed by the government for different slabs. If the loan amount is less than 30 lacs, the interest amount will be more as compared to if you take a loan for more than 30 lacs. Thus the interest rates vary in floating rates. Also there are certain processing charges for every bank. You need to check that also before taking any loan.

So if you are planning to take any loan, you can first go on the internet and check the rates of various banks. It is then that you will be able to choose the best interest rate which can be offered to you.

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