Mhada Lottery Results 2012

MHADA stands for Maharashtra Housing Development Authority. It has been taking several indicatives to sell quality houses to Indian citizens who are trying to purchase properties in proper Mumbai city. In the year of 2010, the MHADA lottery scheme was first discussed. The major proposition was to offer quality land properties to residents of Maharashtra at an affordable budget. However, this proposition was soon ruled out because of one major reason. Local government didn’t find it quite impressing to restrict this facility to only people from Maharashtra State. So, after some more meetings, it was proposed that the offer will be there to be availed by anyone from India. However, it will take place through the help of a fixed lottery scheme. And the scheme will be for calendar year 2011-12. Hence, the rise of MHADA Lottery 2012 scheme was launched into the market.

Maharashtra Housing Development Authority features for its own online portal. All necessary details, including soft copy of application form, drawing time, dates of result, guidelines to follow, as well tickets number, name of ticket agents, winner list, detailed lottery results, and other related information are available within MHADA’s online portal.

MHADA lottery draw results 2012 are held for only 4000 flats presently. But the amazing fact about this draw is that around four lacks people applied for it. Not only residents of Mumbai but people from different parts of India are eager to know about the MHADA results 2012. The actual results were scheduled to get published by 31st of May, 2012. However, No results can yet be viewed through the MHADA website. According to MHADA, lottery results can be viewed by simply entering the ticket number within the requested area. But, presently, no such results are visible through the website.

Next set of draw will take place very shortly. Lottery tickets are available through the website presently. Those who need to try out their luck should purchase the ticket immediately without wasting any time. The online application starting date is 3rd of May, 2012. This means it has already started. However, there is a fixed time within which all the applications need to be submitted. The last date for submission of online form is 23rd of May, 2012. Once the applicant clicks APPLY button, the FORM page will open. It needs to be filled properly by the applicant.

Procedure to fill the MHADA Lottery 2012 Form

In the form, there are several boxes to be filled. Under which housing scheme does the applicant want to purchase the house?

This needs to be cleared within the first section of the form. This section is known as SCHEME DETAILS. There will be a box for scheme code that needs to be filled up. There are obviously list of choices to be made for selection. Next, it is the Scheme Name that needs to be mentioned clearly and correctly. However, the applicant need not have to write anything on the box as it will be filled in automatically.

Once the scheme code number is inserted, the name will automatically be inserted within SCHEME NAME box. Next box is Income Group No. This will also be filled up automatically. Next in line is the RESERVATION CATEGORY NO. There is a drop down box form which the applicant needs to select his/her social category. The list reads 1 -SC (Scheduled Caste), 2 - ST (Scheduled Tribe), 5 - JR (Journalist), 6 - FF (Freedom Fighter), 9 - EX (Ex-Service Man), 12 - SG (State Government Employee), 15 - GP (General Public). Select the communal category under which you belong.

Next section deals with APPLICANT DETAILS. Here, the applicant needs to fill up his/her name in English as well Marathi (optional). But, there is a certain procedure to follow while filling up the form. Beside the APPLCIANT NAME section, there is a designation box for selecting Mr, Ms, or Mrs. This is followed by three boxes to completely fill up the name. The first box is there to input only the FIRST NAME. Second Box is there to input FATHER/ HUSBAND’s FULL NAME. And the third box is there to input the SURNAME of the applicant. Next, the date of birth needs to be inserted. But it should be exactly as mentioned in the PAN CARD. This will be followed by OCCUPATION & MARITAL STATUS.

Next Section deals with PRESENT RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS. Correct PIN CODE should be mentioned.

Finally, the section of BANK ACCOUINT DETAILS of applicant needs to be filled according to instruction.

There are lots of other sections also and each needs to be filled properly according to instruction. It may well be a time consuming process to fill up the form, but to achieve something great, one has to bear the pain.

The Mhada Lottery Results 2011 were released on 31st May 2011. Find out Mhada Lottery Draw Results 2011

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