Housing Companies in Amritsar

The housing companies in Amritsar have developed this holy city into a residential paradise with some of the most lavish and well-connected colonies in Amritsar to their credit. Also known as builders and developers, they are responsible for the overall development of the real estate market in Amritsar. The latest trend shows a growth curve pointing towards the mass residential housing projects that include group housing, integrated townships and also the commercial residential solutions that include hotels & resorts and guesthouses.

The commercial properties builders in Amritsar engage in building of restaurants, shopping arcades, entertainment zone and many more commercial centers. The tourists' magnet in Amritsar - The Golden Temple or Harimandir Sahib attracts more tourists than the Taj Mahal just adds to the potential of the real estate market in Amritsar. The exact market scene is narrated by the property dealers in Amritsar who know the latest real estate market pattern. The residential properties builders are known as home builders as they construct the houses for all.

If you wish to buy a property either commercial or residential ensure that eth builder behind it is a reputed one and has constructed the property as per the standards laid down by the housing authority in Amritsar . Below we give you information on some reliable housing companies in Amritsar who engage in all kinds of residential and commercial properties construction projects.

Featured Listing
Mohan International Hotel

  Address:  366, Madanmohan Malviya Road, Madanmohan Malviya Road, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

  Phone Num:  0183 256 0832

Hemkunt Builders

  Address:  Sco 21, Shopping Centre, Ranjit Avenue, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab 143002

  Phone Num:  0183 250 0655

King Style

  Address:  Queens Complex, Queens Road, Queens Road, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

  Phone Num:  098 14 019639

Sharma & Ganga Har Builders &clonisers Private Limited

  Address:  Gangahar Market, Gandha Singh Wala, Majitha Road, Majitha Road, Amritsar, Punjab 143006

  Phone Num:  0183 240 0200

Varindavan Gardens

  Address:  SCO-37, Distt. Shopping Center, Ranjit Avenue, AMRITSAR, - 143001

  Phone Num:  (183)-2571075

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