Housing Companies in Allahabad

Development of Allahabad into a mini-metro can be duly accredited to the housing companies or more commonly called the builders and developers in Allahabad. This holy city situated at the confluence of the holy trinity rivers Ganga, Yamuna and the invisible one Saraswati, is a prime site of the world famous 'Kumbha Mela'. This attracts a lot of tourists form all over the world and has made this spiritual place a potential commercial market.

The real estate builders in Allahabad take up large-scale construction projects for building residential as well as commercial properties. You will find huge billboards all over the city advertising about the latest housing projects or upcoming malls in every corner of Allahabad. The city's housing requirements include row houses, group housing and also commercial housing solutions that include hotels & resorts, guesthouses and vacation cottages etc. The builders in Allahabad research on the demands of the real estate market and then decide on the segment that requires more supply of newer projects. This is done in close coordination with the property dealers in Allahabad who give the exact market scenario.

The housing companies in Allahabad are also called home builders and they specialize only in housing projects be it individual housing solutions or group housing like societies and integrated townships. Then the other category comes to be of the commercial properties builders who specialize in construction of small retail shops complexes, massive shopping malls, entertainment zones, business centers, technology parks and office spaces.

Below we give you details of some top housing companies and builder &developers in Allahabad for your reference.

Featured Listing
Ahmed Builders Pvt Ltd

 Address :
 13 Indira Bhavan Compound, Chandra Sekhar Mkt, Civil Lines, Allahabad - 211001

 Phone Num : (532)-2604526

Aditya Housing Company

 Address :
 265/316, Old Katra, Allahabad-211002

 Phone Num : 0532-2604114, 0532-2425259

Ajay Construction

 Address :
 7, Nyay Nagar, Allahabad-211019

 Phone Num : 9335528298

Ajay Enterprises

 Address :
 Shiv Ngr, Allahpur, Allahabad - 211006

 Phone Num : (91)-(532)-2661482

Engineers Builders Architects

 Address :
 555/1, Mumfordganj, Allahabad-211002

 Phone Num : 0532-2641574

Blue Star Elevators Ltd.

 Address :
 Kamla Nehru Road Allahabad-211001

 Phone Num : 9935667106

Allahabad Tele Building Construction

 Address :
 A-31, Tashkant Marg, Allahabad ho, Allahabad - 211001

 Phone Num : (532)-2422062


 Address :
 11/2B, Mayo Road, Shashipuram Colony, Shiv Ram Das Gulathi Marg, Allahabad-211002

 Phone Num : 0532-2603544

Jai Durga Construction

 Address :
 215 &1, Chaukhansi, Kadhganj M.G. Road Allahabad-211001

 Phone Num :  0534-2557774

Kirti Constructions

 Address :
 56, Harwara (Near Shikchharthi Apartment), Pritam Nagar, Allahabad

 Phone Num : 0532-2232060

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