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United Bank of India (UBI) is a major bank in the public sector bank. The bank is in existence since the pre independence era. In undivided Bengal, it is a result of the merger of Comilla Banking Corporation and Comilla United Bank. It was based in Comilla district, which was a part of the erstwhile East Bengal. Slowly and steadily after partition this bank shifted its base to India. Merger of many small banks created the United Bank of India. It is one of the biggest public sector banks in India today.

Customer service is an important aspect in the modern day business. Business houses do tend to walk the extra mile to satisfy customers. Customers do feel at home when they walk into any branch of the United Bank of India. The big factor here is that the bank recruits locals for its branches. All people working in the bank are from the same city or town where the branch is located. This helps in creating the extra bond with its customers who feel that all there problems will be addressed when they enter the premises of the bank.

The mantra of successful marketing is to accept that the customer is king. You should be prepared to serve the customer at his given time. This is a practice, which is very much there in any branch of the United Bank of India. The working hours of the bank is arrived at after through research. It is aimed at coinciding with that of the suitability of the customer. Thus in such an atmosphere rarely does the customer feel unwanted.

United Bank Of India

India recently has undergone a sea change. With the advent of economic reforms, young India has changed considerably. Spending habits amongst today India has changed considerably. People are willing to borrow money to fulfill their dreams. Today everything from a house to a car is bought on borrowed money. In fact, these banks issue credit cards. Here even things like air conditioners and other luxury items can be bought with credit cards. The credit card is after all borrowed money.

The United bank of India has gone the extra mile to woo customers to take loans from it.. Customers like to go to places where they would get loans with the minimum paperwork as well as minimum fuss.

India along with China is one of the most populous countries in this globe. With an ever-increasing population, affordable housing in India is slowly turning out to be a major problem for the middle class. In the early days, people could build their own homes only at the end of their working lives. However, things took a turn for the good when banks and other financial institutions started giving out home loans.

These loans were given based on certain documents. Now if you were a salaried person you will be given loans based on your salary slip. While if you are a businessperson you will have to submit income tax returns for the last three years. The rate of interest on these loans can be fixed or floating as per your choice. The fixed rate is a rate, which is fixed. The floating rates depend upon the policy of the Reserve Bank of India. If the reserve bank cuts the CRR, which means the cash reserve ratio, and the Repo rate, then the floating rate decreases. While if the bank increases the CRR, and the Repo rate then the floating rate increases. The CRR and the Repo rate are mainly increased to control inflation.

The United bank of India has always encouraged people to take loans from it. The customer friendly nature of the bank always encourages people to deal with it. The rate of interest is not a factor at all if people get the right cooperation from officials working in the bank. Cooperating with customers and guiding them in the right way is the way of life for people working in this bank.

There is a saying that if you do not go up you will go down. The management in the United Bank has made constant efforts to make life comfortable and smooth for the customers. Internet banking is something, which has attracted customers in a big way. The big advantage here is that it can be approached at any time of the day. You do not have to run to the bank during the peak office hours. You can easily access your account from your internet sitting in your office or home.

The details about the various loan schemes of the bank are all available in the internet also. Therefore, if you want to avail any loans from the bank you can also surf the net. You will get through details about the various loan schemes that the bank is operating and the rate of interest that the bank will charge you. The internet in its own way has allowed the bank to grow and get more business. The credit card is another sphere where the United Bank has also ventured. Now if you want a loan you must have all documents ready. You must be working in reputed firm or be a successful businessperson. However, the credit card is something where many ordinary people can borrow money or shop from. Here credit is available to the ordinary customer. However, an upper limit is fixed. It is called the maximum credit limit. The customer cannot shop beyond this limit. He is also got an interest free period of 45 days within which if he pays the amount he does not have to shell out anything extra as interest payment. The credit card is there to support the common person in times of his need.

The United Bank of India has come a long way since its inception in Comilla a small town of erst while East Bengal and present day Bangladesh. Today the bank has branches all over the length and breath of India. It is one of the major public sector banks of this country. It has an efficient management that runs the day-to-day operation of the bank.

United Bank of India
Head Office
11, Hemanta Basu Sarani
Kolkata - 700 001.

Website: http://unitedbankofindia.com/

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