UCO Bank India

UCO bank India came in existence in 1943 and was undertaken by the Government of India. The post of the Board of Director for this commercial bank is occupied by a representative from the Reserve Bank of India.

The main target of UCO Bank, India, is to establish itself as an admirable, trustworthy, financially strong and the one and only destination for every investor and customer in the country. Rules and challenges are already set to achieve the targets right from excellent customer service, steady business growth, down to remarkable profits, staff satisfaction, and skill upgrades (ensuring their active participation), but the bank is still not at par with standards of other privatized banks such as HDFC, ICICI, HSBC, Citibank, Axis Bank, and the likes of them.

The UCO bank staff is working to match steps with rapidly changing global banking with extreme commitment and loads of excitement for a single goal – “to serve the customers better”.

Services and Facilities Offered

With active service and dedication, UCO bank has served the country in every financial segment ranging from industries, agriculture, commerce & trade, infrastructure, extending even up to the service sectors. It is growing across all horizons, and gone are the days when their ATM card didn’t work as a debit card in shopping malls.

With a web of more than 2000 branches across country, the bank promises to deliver quality service to its customers. All branches now deliver great service with their new central computerized network, connecting every branch of bank with single unscathed network, ensuring total security of your account details and valuables.

The bank has its operational office in 35 regions covering almost every big and small city in India. These operational units act like a switching center as nearby branches have to report to these units that reduces work load to the head office in Kolkata and helps to resolve problems of that particular area quickly.

It is the regional officer’s responsibility to observe the depth of problem and solve it, and if the problem is big he has to reach his senior for further discussion, which can go up to General Manager in Kolkata, Head office of UCO bank.

UCO Bank Loans

To provide better customer service, business hours have been extended for public during all weekdays, at every branch. The newly introduced 365 days customer service also known as ‘No-Holiday service’ helps in resolving all the problems 24x7 and 365 days in a year.

“Giving loan is our primary service since we are commercial bank” says General Manager of UCO bank, Kolkata.

As rightly said, providing loan for basic requirements such as agriculture sector, service sector, trade & commerce sector, small and large industries as well as individual self-owned business, infrastructure etc. is their primary objective, which also fetches them maximum revenues. Offering large number of loans designed for every need of people with attractive interest rate, UCO Bank India delivers complete peace of mind and satisfaction to its customers.

Double Dhamaka Offer

Currently, they offer housing loans and new car loans at attractive rates up to the end of this financial year –

  • Home loans at as low as 11%

  • Car loans at as low as 11.25% (only for new cars)

UCO Bank Cards

Currently UCO Bank India offers the Diamond ATM cum debit card to its customers, but they don’t offer any credit cards as of now. You can make online purchases, make payments in shopping malls, and draw money from ATMs using your UCO Bank diamond ATM cum debit card. Earlier, they used to give only ATM cards, which were not designed to work in shopping malls or across any credit/debit card swipe machines.

New Deposit Scheme and No Frills Account

“Bank account for all” is the main aim of their new deposit scheme. Excluding higher, high and middle class families, there is also a group of people who cannot afford restricted deposit range, which is also known as minimum deposit amount that is fixed to open an account. For such customers, UCO bank has started a new facility called “UCO No-Frills Saving Bank Account” that allows customers to open new bank account for only rupees 5/-. If customer wants cheque facility too, he/she has to pay Rs. 250/- to open a new account. This account will continue to be operative without any penalty being levied, even if account balance reaches zero.

This scheme is running in all urban, metro, rural and semi urban branches without any hidden terms & conditions or post applicable norms. With this and some more similar facilities, UCO bank India is trying to meet the common people needs. The bank has surely evolved majestically, and we appreciate their efforts

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