Nainital Bank

Nainital Bank Ltd. India, popularly known as Nainital Bank, is one of the leading private commercial banks operating in the northern areas of the country.

It is headquartered at Mallita, and its initial operations were limited to the Nainital region. Over the years, the bank expanded to Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. It has also got over a hundred branches in Delhi, Rajasthan and Haryana. It is deemed to be the third largest bank in the country after Punjab National Bank and the State Bank of India.

The bank generates net business of Rs 3,600 Crore, and it has been enlisted in the schedule of RBI too.

The Nainital Bank was founded by Govind Ballabh Pant, and is owned by Bank of Baroda. In the year 2004, NIC (National Insurance Company) signed an agreement to distribute general insurance products from various branches across Haryana, Uttarakhand and New Delhi.

Nainital Bank Ltd. India has been long associated with Bank of Baroda, NIC, LIC and HDFC bank. It provides various online facilities, including but not limited to Business Banking, Personal Banking, agricultural, and rural banking. Nainital Bank, in short, has embellished itself with almost every prerequisite of making it big amongst the major giants in the sector.

Branch Locations

Nainital Bank limited has almost 100 branches in the following states:

  1. Uttaranchal

  2. Delhi

  3. Uttar Pradesh

  4. Haryana

  5. Rajasthan

Deposit Schemes and Services

The services and products offered by Nainital Bank Ltd. cater to different segments of the society. The major objective is to offer best services to the customers in the current highly competitive banking industry. The Nainital bank concentrates more on various banking services like:

  • Personal banking services

  • Agro/Rural banking

  • Business banking, and

  • Technology related services

With respect to the personal banking services, Nainital Bank Ltd offers a wide range of benefits and financial solutions to its customers.

The bank also offers highly beneficial flexible schemes such as:

  • Apna Ashiyana scheme,

  • Naini Sahyog scheme,

  • Suhana Safar scheme

Currently, they’re offering a special fixed deposit scheme for 365 days at an amazing rate of interest of 9.5%.

Loans Offered

The bank offers various loan schemes, and the floating interest rates are displayed here.

Housing loan Scheme: Nainital Bank Ltd India provides housing loan up to 20 lakhs with base rate set by RBI + 1 percent margin; for more than 20 lakhs, the rate of interest goes up by another one percent.

Auto Loans: Car loans are issued based on the ex-showroom price of the vehicle, credibility of the customer; the rate of interest offered by Nainital Bank is set to base rate set by RBI + 2%.Nainital Bank Ltd India also offers attractive 2-wheeler loans. Their auto loan scheme is termed as ‘Suhana Safar’. Nainital Bank Ltd. grants loans for new cars for up to 15 lakhs, and up to 5 lakhs for a used car.

Education Loan: Nanital Bank provides loans up to 4 lakhs and the rate of interest is fixed at the base rate set by + 4 percent. The maximum loan amount for education in India is Rs 7.50 Lakhs, and for education outside the country, the maximum loan amount granted by the Nainital Bank Ltd India is Rs. 15 lakhs.

Collateral Free Loans: Leaving the Retail Trade & Educational Institutions apart, all the commercial banks scheduled by RBI have mandatory pre-requisites of offering collateral free loans up to Rs. 1 Crore to Manufacturing and Services sector, and up to Rs. 10 lakhs to MSE sector.


The bank has tie-ups with several leading financial institutions like:

  • HDFC Bank

  • ING Vysya Life Insurance

  • Western Union Money Transfer

  • Life Insurance Corporation of India

  • National Insurance Company Limited, and

  • Bank of Baroda Cards Division

Boasting of 89 years of glorious services, Nainital Bank Ltd India is a great commercial bank for small and midsize businesses, and with its regional power as well as countrywide presence, you can be rest assured that it would pack your life with delight. They issue Fair practices codes for lenders on a frequent basis, and one can download them directly from their website -

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